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ITR57 – A Way Out

Idiot’s Guide To Illegal Tech Repair 57
(A Way Out)

For several minutes now the crew had been quiet.
Dex and James chatted on one side,
Blayze was tinkering with Pandora.
And Amanda was trying to hide-
How worried she really was for her crew,
And her father as well.
She ran every scenario through her mind
And none seemed to end very well.

Then the door to their makeshift cell,
Opened and her father was brought in.
She wanted to hug him more than anything,
But she held back from doing it then.

Jarvis: “Amanda, are you all right?
They haven’t hurt you, have they?”

Amanda: “A little scratched up but not too bad.
How about you, daddy?”

Jarvis: They believe I’m addressing all of my troops.
They’re about to send two-thirds home.
They’re not about to release you though.
They want the Sylvani and his drone.”

Amanda: “So you came all this way to tell me I’m stuck?”

Jarvis: “Please, don’t say that.”

Jarvis then pulled from his pocket,
Something shiny and black.

Jarvis: “These are the teleporters,
Gryve’s men employ.
You can use it to get back onto your ship,
And their tractor beam, destroy.
It’s at point 36345.
Or at least, that’s my best guest.
Teleport there and take it out,
Then I’m sure you know the rest.”

Amanda: “How did you even get this?”

Jarvis: “Pick-pocketing isn’t hard.
There is one little problem though,
They’re password protected via card.”

Amanda: “Pandora can crack it I’m sure. No problem!”

Amanda said with a shrug.

Amanda: “Are you getting out of here too, Dad?”

Then she gave him a hug.

Jarvis: “Oh, eventually I will.
But my troops are priority one.
Go and escape Amanda,
My precious little one.”

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