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FNF8 – The Duty of a Prince

The Rhyming Little Mermaid 7

(The Duty of a Prince)

One evening in the palace,
While rain poured down outside,
Silas found Serena in the kitchen,
So he pulled her aside.
Into a side room he took her,
Where they could speak privately.

Silas: “How are you my mute miss?
Are you wandering idly?”

Serena smiled and shook her head,
And he could tell she was listening.
Her eyes did not wander as sometimes they did,
And her eyes were glistening.

Silas: “I have news for you, of great importance,
I am soon to be wed.”

Serena‘s smiling, glistening eyes,
Looked like they were suddenly dead.
She sat on a couch, and Silas sat too,
He tried to regain her gaze.

Silas: “I am unenthused by this revelation.
Though it may be just a phase.
Father says I am to marry-
The Galatian Princess named Demi.
I know nothing of what she is really like.
I simply want to be free.”

Serena stared out over the ocean,
Through the window and pouring rain.
Silas never knew what she was thinking,
Though he could see she was in pain.
He held her hand and looked with her,
Over the water’s waves.

Silas: “I know how upsetting this is.
To not know where I’ll be,
I’m every bit as upset too
To have everything planned out for me.
If I was to pick my own wife,
She’d be a lot like you,
My sweet, silent, sister,
Thank you for all that you do.”

Serena hugged him forcefully,
And said a prayer for him.
Hoping Creator would make him happy,
Though everything looked grim.
He hugged her back and they sat together,
Without another word.
And as tears filled Serena‘s eyes,
Her vision of her world blurred.

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