Idiot’s Guide To Illegal Tech Repair 7

The Gryvian troop was brought aboard,
And handcuffed to a chair.
There wasn’t a shred of mercy,
In his evil stare.
But Amanda seemed unfazed by this,
And instead began to pace,
Back and forth in front of him,
With swagger, and with grace.

Amanda: “Well well well,
What do we have here?
A little soldier far from home?
What are you? A little sightseer?”

That Icy stare from the Gryvian troop,
Simply would not lift.
His countenance was one of stone.
His face- it would not shift.

Amanda: “In any case, here’s the deal:
We will fix your ship.
You will go back to your home,
And no one will tell of this.
But in exchange, we copy your hard drives
And do what we will with that.”

Suddenly the troop grew rigid,
And in Amanda’s face, spat.

Amanda closed her eyes at the spit,
And tried to regain her composure.
But she failed at this moment,
And her anger won her over.

James charged into the interrogation room,
And began to hold her back.

Amanda: “You’re mine you indecorous
Gryvian creep!”

James: “Amanda Canine, Get back!”

The Gryvian troop smiled at this.

Troop: “Oh, so Canine’s your Daddy?”

James: “What is he talking about, Amanda?”

Amanda: “Please, he’s just being catty.”

James: “Whatever. It’s my job to extract information.
I’m good at puttin’ on the hurt.”

Amanda: “Just leave him alone for now.
No dinner or dessert.”

The two walked out, leaving the troop
Locked inside his cell.
Then a voice came from the ship’s AI,
The one simply named ‘Wendall.’

Wendall: “Amanda, ma’am, you have a call
From the username: “Coolidge.'”

Amanda: “Tell him that I’ll be right there.
I was dealing with someone foolish.”

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