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WOW3 – Revenge

World Of Wrestling 3

“Jessica! Come in!”

Came the voice of one Will Rothschild.
A slimy voice of smugness
With a hint of something wild.

Will: “Come in and sit down!
I have things to discuss.
Shut the door please.
No need to hear that ruckus.”

Jessica did so,
And sat down to see
What Will’s meeting
was to be.
They’d never liked each other.
Though she wasn’t sure why.
It was Like he waited for opportunities
To watch her fry.

Will: “Well Jessica, you’re back from injury.
And I was told to give you a match.
However, it can’t be for the title yet.
We want to build up that catch.
But since you were so nice to my daughter last May,
And humiliated her in that ring,
I think I have the perfect match for you.
One that will make your heart sing.”

Will smiled as smugly as he possibly could.
But Jessica didn’t flinch.
She knew that somehow, when she returned,
She would be embarrassed and lynched.

William: “Tonight you will face The Tag Team Champions,
And The Women’s champ Keri Starr.
You may choose one partner for your own.
But you won’t get very far.
The roster is very limited tonight,
And I’m afraid that it would be
Career suicide if someone teamed with you,
And went up against me.”

Jessica’s blood boiled in her veins,
She wanted knock him out.

“Is that all?” She said with slight irritation,
“If so, I’ll just let myself out.”

Will simply smiled his slimy grin.
As Jessica put their talk to an end.
She left the room silently panicking.
Thinking: “I need to find a friend.”

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