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ITR1 – Diners In Space

The Idiot’s Guide To Illegal Tech Repair 1
(Diners In Space)

There were few diners in that corner of space.
But Blayze Hallack knew just the place.
It had been a long trip through the darkness there.
But he and Pandora were both prepared.
Pandora you ask? Why she was his friend!
And they would be together until the end.

Their beat up space barge was on it’s last legs
And they thought they could trade it in for some eggs.
So they went together to ‘Diner South’
To rest their aching bones, and feed their hungry mouths’.
Their rickety vessel docked in bay A
And creaked as they walked in the entrance-way.

They sat at the bar and negotiated for snacks
Pandora stretched her arms and began to relax.
But just as she did, she and her partner were approached.
By a dark-skinned woman with a cloak and a brooch.

Amanda: “Am I in the presence of Pandora and Blayze?
ITR techs from the Silvani Trace?”

Blayze: “Depends on who’s asking.”

Pandora: “And if you’ve got money!”

Amanda: “Please, you two, you’re not even funny.
My name is Amanda, and I’m building a crew.
And you two have written ‘We don’t know what to do!’
All over your faces and over your hearts.”

Pandora: “Well we might. But what’s your offer to start?”

Amanda: “ITR is a basic operation.
You go to planets within The Federation
That have equipment that for some reason maybe
Outdated or Illegal, And you fix it. You see?”

Blayze: “Why are you explaining our job to us?
We’ve been doing it forever.”

Amanda: “My point is that you need support.
The kind that can’t be severed.
I saw your ship. The one in bay A?
I can’t believe that’s how you live.
I have a ship, and I have a crew.
And support’s what we’re willing to give.
You cut us in on what you make,
And we’ll fly you anywhere.
From Saturn in this System to the Silvani Trace
Verdentia and everywhere.”

Pandora: “Ooo! Blayze! This sounds perfect!”

Blayze: “I’ve only one caveat.
Pandora and I have our privacy inside your ship.
And our designated spot.”

Amanda: “Of course!” She exclaimed
“You’ll have your own quarters.
I wouldn’t have it any other way.
We leave at 0500, from bay E
And when you’re there, you’ll get advanced pay.”

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