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GOA102 – Campfire

Guardians Of Atlanta 102

Much had happened since their trek up Stone Mountain started.
The Guardians of Atlanta were beginning to feel fainthearted.
Nick, Layla, and Spicy, had to move on,
To help Fortune Anderson on Stone Mountain’s lawn.
So together they sat, wondering what to do.
Cyrus, Bobby, William, and Amira, looking very blue.
While they had won their battle with Brock,
All of them still sat in sadness and shock.
No one had ever wished Brock to die.
Then Marlynn broke the silence with a loud sigh.

Marlynn: “The Knights were only part of the Plague’s bag of tricks.
They still know she’s coming here. I don’t like this.”

William: “It’s true. They may head her off before she can get here.
But I see no other wise options right now. It’s time to re-gear.
Everyone take a load off. We’re spending the night.”

Bobby: “Finally! Man, this view is tight!”

Cyrus chuckled, stood up, and stretched.

Cyrus: “It certainly is, Bobby. Stone Mountain is the best.”

It seemed everyone needed the humor,
A balm and relief to them all.
A change of focus was very much needed.
After the battle and fall.

Amira: “It’s such a weird little place. I’d never been here before.
A theme park around it, and the mountain itself I adore.”

William: “It is amazing, a chunk of granite this big? Stuck in the middle of the woods?
Master Fenris told me it’s been used for centuries. Long before this country stood.”

Bobby: “Not half as amazing as ya girl, Freak-boy. She’s got problems like mad.”

Marlynn: “I know. I just want to help her. Y’know? She’s seriously all I have.”

Cyrus: “Something is familiar about her.”

Amira: “Yeah! I felt it too!”

Marlynn: “What do you mean?”

Cyrus: “I don’t know. I have no clue.
Except… Her eyes seem somewhat familiar to me.”

Amira: “When I’m around her? I feel free.”

Bobby: “I feel like somehow, I met her before a long time ago.”

William: “She hummed a song I knew. That made my heart glow.”

Marlynn: “You all feel it then? Funny. I don’t.
And I’m in touch with magic. Though this Mountain of Stone-
Appears to be home to something quite powerful.”

Bobby: “Intuition is great and all. But it’s all a mouthful-
That I personally find, way too hard to swallow.
Can’t we just get the job done, guys?”

William: “I lead. You follow.
We’ve fought long and hard today. Let’s get some sleep.
Cyrus, what’s the forecast?”

Cyrus: “Clear and cold.”

William: “Try to keep the temperature up. We’ve no blankets to behold.
Everyone gather close together. We’ll keep warm through the night.
And tomorrow we will find Amy, and set everything right.”

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