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The PO Box (WWW12) – Poetry for Warriors Daily (Ep. 35)

Rayen drives through the night to reach Sacramento, with Braden sleeping in preparation for any emergencies. As they arrive, Rayen expresses concern about being followed, revealing that she received a series of numbers from Chris that likely serve as the combination to his P.O. Box. They fear that their attackers may be waiting for them to retrieve the contents of the box. Despite their worries, they remain determined and enter the old Killingsworth Post Office. They encounter a janitor with a suspicious demeanor but continue on their path. While searching for P.O. Box 292, they are briefly interrupted by the janitor’s attempted pickpocketing, which Braden swiftly thwarts. However, they soon realize that the cameras in the post office are shifting their view, suggesting the arrival of potential trouble. In a race against time, they locate Chris’s box and find a labeled tape. As they try to make their escape, they are confronted by several armed individuals with silenced weapons.

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