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GOA83 – Planning For An Eclipse

Guardians Of Atlanta 83
(Planning For An Eclipse)

Cyrus gathered the Guardians
And they entered the Castelle’s den;
A room full of technology
Geared to help all of them.
Computers and devices big and small,
Flickered all around.
But in front of the projector screen
Was where The Guardians sat down.
Fenris looked quite serious,
Ever since he had come in.
Something in his face told William,
He had a job for them.
But this would be no normal job.
Nothing they’d faced before.
And when the Guardians were all settled down,
Fenris took the floor.

Fenris: “I wish I’d come before this moment
To visit with all of you.
But you know that since The Knights split up
There’s been so much to do.
I digress. The point is now
Mr. H has for us, a job.
That will pale in comparison to what we dealt with
When we went against Malachi Dodd.”

All was quiet as Fenris paused
And pulled a device from a pouch.
It looked like a simple walkie talkie
But it was more no doubt.
He pressed a few buttons here and there
And soon the Guardians saw
Pictures projected onto the screen
And flung up against the wall.
A voice came from the little device
That helped to set the stage.
For that robotic voice belonged to no other
Than their benefactor, Mr. H.

Mr. H: “Hello to you Guardians.
It’s wonderful to see you.”

Bobby: “Wish we could say the same thing, H.
I’d love to see that view.”

Amira: “But who are the people you put on the screen?”

Mr. H: “Fenris and I will tell you.
There’s much to explain in a short amount of time.
Fenris, please address the crew.”

Fenris: “These two people, you see on the screen,
Are currently Atlanta-bound.
Their identities are still mysteries to us,
And their names are yet to be found.
But we’ve assigned them each a code name
So when talking, nothing slips.
The male is known as Freakshow.
The female as Eclipse.”

Mr. H: “It is highly suspected, they are on the run
From Phillip Keller Industries,
Where Eclipse was experimented on.
But we know not their hostilities.
Freakshow has shown exceptional power
Though he’s hesitant to fight.
Neither seem to be involved with The Plague.”

Fenris: “H, if it’s alright,
They do not know much of the Plague.
Would you kindly explain some more,
Of exactly who the enemy is
In this particular ongoing war?”

Mr. H: “Of course Fenris. Where is my mind?
I’m sorry, Guardians. Forgive me.
I only forget because the Plague
Is a daily threat to the free.
They operate much like COURAGE, our team
They have agents all over the world.
But they fight together for one world government
While we fight to keep it unfurled.
The organization has connections,
To Freemasons, Terrorists, and more.
Any who would seek to rule the world,
Are what the Plague has in store.”

Fenris: “But with all that said, dear guardians
our two charges are
Freakshow and Eclipse.
And they are not far.
It appears they’re going to Stone Mountain.
By the looks of things.”

William: “Well it looks like that’s where we’re headed.
What gear should we bring?”

The Guardians continued to plan together
How they could work from what’s known.
Meanwhile their charges drew ever closer
To Georgia’s Mountain of Stone.

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