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GOA55 – The Battle Of Alethea Church

Guardians Of Atlanta 55
(The Battle of Alethea Church)

As William and Cyrus arrived at the Church,
They didn’t believe what they saw.
Knights and Dames with their swords drawn
Fighting each other tooth and claw.

William: “God help us.” William prayed
As he wandered into the fray.
But now we shift to Malachi Dodd
Who fought to get away.

Brock stood back to back with his master.
Protecting him at every side.
They tried to escape as quick as they could.
But there was nowhere to hide.
Pretty soon, a blade from a knife
Went into Malachi’s heart.
And it began the end of moments
For one Master Malachi Dodd.
However, only Dodd saw the blow
That would take his life from him.
It was the self-reliant man known as Clipper
Whose blade made his eyes go dim.

Brock moved back and fell over the body
Of his dearest Master.
The blood in Brock’s veins ran cold and thin
As his heart began to race faster.
He screamed and dropped his sword,
Holding his Master’s head.
William heard the primal scream of his rival
And looked over to see Malachi’s dread.

Meanwhile, Fortune was trying
To get the Knights to cease.
She stood on stage screaming into a mic,
but it didn’t help in the least.
Cyrus saw this and ran onstage
To do her best to help.
And a lightning bolt made everyone silent
After terrified yelps.

Fortune: “Don’t you see what you all are doing?
You are Knights devout!”

But even as she spoke
everyone began to notice
the death that lay all about.
She quietly bowed her head,
As she surveyed the scene.
2 Dames and 3 Knights
Lay there dead between-
he feet of those who fought for right
But now had hurt each other.
And for a moment, everyone mourned
Their lost sisters and brothers.

Malachi had few breaths left,
And spoke to William and Brock.

Dodd: “No matter how we may help people,
We must first work to serve God.
William, Brock, I’m so sorry.
I have failed you both.
I have broken my bond with all who I serve
And have forsaken my oaths.
Please tell Fenris, that I’m sorry. Please-”

And with that the breath of Malachi Dodd
Breathed it’s last and ceased.
Brock stood in utter shock
And then shoved William hard.
Fortune jumped down in between them.

Fortune: “Brock, stop! Have some regard!”

Brock stood silent for a moment,
And then yelled angrily.

Brock: “All of those who follow Fortune, stay here!
Everyone else, follow me!”

The Knights split that day, nearly 50/50.
Almost completely in half,
And for several weeks there was almost no sound in Alethea.
No, not even a laugh.
All the Knights had stood for,
Was broken almost in two.
And Cyrus and Bobby stayed with Fortune and William
Until they knew what they would do.

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