Category: Episode 1 – The Warrior Of California Part 1

Dead Man’s Letter

World Wide Warrior 10 (Dead Man’s Letter) Braden: β€œWhat?” Braden asked in amazement, β€œDid those guys do it to him?” Rayen: β€œI don’t know yet, Braden, but they will pay for their sin.” Rayen took a few moments, Looking for the mail, That Chris had sent to her, She was determined to not fail. When […]

Meeting The Invaders

World Wide Warrior 9 (Meeting The Invaders) In an instant quicker than most, A number of things occurred. The man who held the knife to Rayen? His vision instantly blurred. Pain shot into his shoulder, And he stumbled back amazed, An arrow stuck out of his upper right arm, And that arrow didn’t just graze. […]

Where Is The Tape?

World Wide Warrior 8 (Where Is The Tape?) Rayen wasted no time, And used her phone to capture the letter. She took a picture of it with the camera, It would last there much better. But once she did, the signal bar On her phone suddenly went dead. Then she heard a sound at the […]

A Shock

World Wide Warrior 7 (A Shock) The day went on as usual Until that very same night. Braden and Jonathan wore out The DVD copy of his fight. But later on in the evening, Rayen watched the news, While Jonathan and Braden sat upstairs, Watching some film and reviews. Rayen absent-mindedly played with her phone, […]


World Wide Warrior 6 (Shadowlash) The following morning, breakfast smells wafted All through the Silversmith house. Braden’s bruised and broken body stirred, And he twitched his nose like a mouse. Ham and egg, potatoes and cheese. Yes. He was ready for this. He pulled his long hair out of his face. He stood up and […]

To Market, To Market

World Wide Warrior 5 (To Market, To Market) The following morning, Rayen rose early And set out to buy food for her home. The Farmer’s Market just downtown, Had the best food no matter where she roamed. She knew that Braden would be tired and sore, After that MMA bout. And she planned to fix […]

Sleep On It

World Wide Warrior 4 (Sleep On It) Jonathan: “Dude, that fight was Absolutely insane! He hit harder than I’ve ever seen And he even threw you off your game! But you stuck to it and you stuck it to him!” Braden: “I know man, I loved it. But don’t think I haven’t taken hits,” Jonathan: […]


World Wide Warrior 3 (Interview) After the fight with Tim Kidd, And the party in the locker room. Braden left with his best friend Jonathan. Into the night’s air and gloom. The Los Angeles smog shifted and writhed, With mystery in the dark, brooding sky. But thankfully the well-lit parking lot dispelled, The terror, the […]


World Wide Warrior 2 (Fight) The graphics rolled across the screen, And guitars wailed their tunes. The opening fight of CFC120 Was beginning soon. The announcers greeted the watching fans, And ran down that night’s card. Then turned their attention to the opening fight- Announcer Jim Calloway: “Tonight’s referee is John Bernard.” Acoustic guitar filled […]