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WWW4 – Sleep On It

World Wide Warrior 4
(Sleep On It)

Jonathan: “Dude, that fight was
Absolutely insane!
He hit harder than I’ve ever seen
And he even threw you off your game!
But you stuck to it and you stuck it to him!”

Braden: “I know man, I loved it.
But don’t think I haven’t taken hits,”

Jonathan: “But man, you rose above it!”

Braden: “Dude, I’m telling you, in a few years,
You’ll be fighting there too.
Just stick to your training! You’ve got the heart!
Don’t stop it. Pursue!”

Jonathan: “I don’t know, man.
I don’t do things like you.
The Little Dragons are hard enough for me.
Maybe I should get a clue.”

Braden: “Dude don’t talk like that at all!
You’ve got so much to offer!”

Jonathan: “I wonder what they’re talking about…”

Braden: “Who?”

Jonathan: “Chris and your grandmother!”

Rayen: “And you’re sure the man was serious?
This all sounds very far fetched.”

Chris: “I have a recording of it on tape.
This was not a jest.
I sent you a letter with more information.
I’m afraid of emailing right now.
They have ways of intercepting those,
Though I’m not sure exactly how.”

Rayen: “Chris, I’m praying for you.
Be careful, but work hard.
This sounds very dangerous.
Please be safe and on guard.”

Chris: “I will be Rayen. Pray for me.
I have a lot more to do
I’ll mail you more when I get it.”

Rayen: “Well, you better go. Shoo!”

Chris laughed and walked into the night.
Contemplating his plans.
And Rayen walked back to the car,
To drive home with her winning man.

Hi I’m Joshua, and I’m resurrecting Epic Poetry for modern nerds like you! Come join me at JoshuaDavidLing.com or just about anywhere on social media!

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