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WWW7 – A Shock

World Wide Warrior 7
(A Shock)

The day went on as usual
Until that very same night.
Braden and Jonathan wore out
The DVD copy of his fight.
But later on in the evening,
Rayen watched the news,
While Jonathan and Braden sat upstairs,
Watching some film and reviews.

Rayen absent-mindedly played with her phone,
As she halfway listened there,
Then came the moment she never expected
What the news anchor had to share.

The anchor stared into the camera,
And sadness hit his face.
He borrowed the tone he’d used many times before,
When describing this sort of case.

Anchor: “Tonight, a journalist was murdered,
In downtown Sacramento.
The police have very scarce leads,
No murder weapon or memento.
Chris Magnus was found in his apartment-”

Rayen tilted her head.
Her jaw dropped and she couldn’t believe,
Her former student was dead.

She quickly got up from her seat,
And ran over to rummage through
All the mail she received that day,
She remembered the letter was blue…

She found it in an instant
And tore it open to read,
A handwritten message from Chris Magnus
Her shock and worry it did feed…

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