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WWW10 – Dead Man’s Letter

World Wide Warrior 10
(Dead Man’s Letter)

Braden: “What?” Braden asked in amazement,
“Did those guys do it to him?”

Rayen: “I don’t know yet, Braden, but they will pay for their sin.”

Rayen took a few moments,
Looking for the mail,
That Chris had sent to her,
She was determined to not fail.
When she couldn’t find it,
She remembered her cellphone’s pic,
The one she took in case of emergency,
She navigated to it.
And when she had the picture pulled up,
She zoomed in on the text,
She cleared her throat and began to read.
That reading is what comes next.

Rayen: “Dearest Rayen, My favorite teacher,
I hope this finds you well.
Well, better than my circumstances.
Lately it feels like Hell.

I was just attacked in a bar,
But I got away with a tape.
I’m going to put it in a safe place,
I know you’ve got a lot on your plate-
But I need you to retrieve it,
Should anything happen to me.
It is connected to what we talked about.
You know what it could be.

PO Box 292, at Killingsworth Road Post Office.
I place the tape in your trust.

Your faithful friend in Christ,
Chris Alexander Magnus.”

To Be Continued.

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