Super Hero Alliance Patrol Ensemble 11
(Court Day)

On the ground floor of building 2,
In the SHA complex,
Sat the court of Superheroes,
And waiting in the narthex-
Were two now-famous heroes,
Fire-Man and Hot Chick by name.
And after their exploits with Captain Majestic and SHAPE
They had earned much fame.
But they remained students at the academy
And technically could not join-
Their new friends until they graduated,
The Academy’s students would not be purloined

Soon everyone was called into the courtroom,
And Judge Hemingway began to preside
Over the case- all of SHA watched
In places low and high.

Judge: “Mr. Stanuel Maris,
AKA Fire Man,
You and your colleague Hot-Chick
Seek to find out where you stand-
In regard to your matriculation
At SHA Academy.”

Stan: “I think so, your honor,
If I’m guessing right-
What metricumalation might be.”

Judge: “Yes, and you’ve consulted Dana Daniels,
Robogirl, as your legal aide?
I know she can learn extremely fast.
But are you sure she’s the one you want to pay?”

Dana: “Objection, your Honor!” Dana spoke
Standing up to emphasize her intent.
And her shoulder pads and skirt suit served also-
To drive-home her argument.

Dana: “My client chose my help
For very specific reasons!”

Judge: “Uh, sustained… I guess.
Please begin your argument season.”

Dana: “I call Stanuel Maris to the stand!”

And Fire Man came and sat.

Dana: “Please tell the courtroom now,
Your history and your past.”

Hi I’m Joshua, and I’m resurrecting Epic Poetry for modern nerds like you! Come join me at JoshuaDavidLing.com or just about anywhere on social media!

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