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GOA84 – The Arrival

Guardians OF Atlanta 84
(The Arrival)

Marlynn: “It’s just ahead. I can see it now.”
Came the voice of Marlynn to Amy.

Amy: “Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson,
And even Jefferson Davis can’t save me.”

Marlynn: “Then why Stone Mountain?
You still haven’t told me
Why you had to be here.”

A laugh emanated from Amy’s throat
And Marlynn covered her mouth in fear.

Marlynn: “Quiet Amy! This place is crawling with
Some kind of order of knights.
Amy giggled quietly then, and said

Amy: “We can put up a fight.”

Marlynn: “Don’t even joke. Even with all-
The Darkness that I could conjure
There’re far too many knights surrounding the mountain here.
They’d all be ten times stronger.”

Amy: “Words and phrases here and there.
That’s all I’m hearing from you.
I need to get to Stone Mountain’s peak.
If I’m to do what I came to do.”

A crunch of a branch sounded in the leaves
Just behind both of the two.
They turned quickly-round to see what it was,
And their eyes met with an unexpected view.
A young woman with brown hair stepped through the brush.
A cowboy hat on her head.
A tan leather duster hung down to her boots,
And with a sweet voice, she pled.

Cyrus: “You two are in danger here.
My friends and I want to assist.”

Marlynn: “Why should we trust you?” Marlynn asked skeptically,

Cyrus: “Do you want me to make you a list?”

Cyrus beckoned them toward herself,
And they silently started to follow.
But something deep in Eclipse’s eyes,
Made Cyrus tremble and swallow.

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