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ITR22 – Diagnostics

The Idiot’s Guide To Illegal Tech Repair 22

Pandora and Blayze went to diagnostics,
And entered the program there,
To see what made Wendall see something,
That served to give them a scare.
Pandora began to run the program,
Looking for problems inside,
And she turned to Blayze and wondered aloud,

Pandora: “What do you think Wendall tried?”

Blayze: “I don’t know what he’s doing.
I doubt we have a slow leak.
But something told him to give that warning.
Something made him speak.”

Suddenly diagnostics went on the fritz,
And Pandora looked through the modes.

Blayze: “Huh. I guess it’s time,
To start dismantling some code.”

Pandora removed the panel display,
And re-attatched a few wires.
Blayze began to look through the code,
Looking to put out some fires.

Blayze: “Something is definitely wrong here.
If I cannot use diagnostics programs.”

Pandora: “Don’t worry, Blayze. We’re super smart.
We’ll get us out of this jam!

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