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(ITR1) Diners In Space – Poetry for Warriors Daily (Ep. 54)

Blayze Hallack and his friend Pandora arrive at a diner called “Diner South” after a long journey on their worn-out space barge. They dock their ship and sit at the bar, where they are approached by Amanda, a dark-skinned woman who recognizes them as ITR techs from the Silvani Trace. Amanda explains that she is building a crew for an ITR (Illegal Tech Repair) operation, where they travel to planets within The Federation to fix outdated or illegal equipment. She offers Blayze and Pandora support and a partnership, providing them with their own quarters on her ship and advanced pay. Excited by the opportunity, Blayze and Pandora agree to join Amanda’s crew, and they make plans to depart from bay E at 0500.

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