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GOA53 – The Great Divide

Guardians Of Atlanta 53
(The Great Divide)

Fortune was lead by Master Dodd
To the backstage area of the Church.
They stood behind a curtain quietly
And slowly began to converse.

Dodd: “Fortune, I know how things seem,
But you have been most loyal.
Please don’t turn you back on me now.
Please don’t hide or coil.”

Fortune: “Master Dodd you are holding
Master Fenris hostage.
You say you’re trying to help people,
But you’re hurting others in the process.”

Dodd: “I know what you say is true, Fortune.
I really truly do.
But that man you saw will help me help Atlanta.”

Fortune: “But what cost will this accrue?
Please tell me what his plans are!”

Dodd: “I do not fully know.
But something is on or around Stone Mountain.
And he has us protecting it’s shadow.”

Fortune: “Master Dodd, No matter what
help you can bring to our community,
You have hurt the sons of God.
You’ve hurt our family!
Master Fenris is our friend
No matter what our differences may be.
I am on the side of William.
On which side will you be?”

Just then in a flash, Fortune flipped a switch.
The curtains opened and the Knights were there.
They had heard everything that was said.
Every single stitch.
Fortune tapped a lapel mic,
She had fastened to her dress,
And everyone in the sanctuary,
Stared on utterly distressed.
The Knights seemed split,
And factions seemed to form.
Fortune thought: “This could get bad.”
But Brock Townsend burst in to warn.

Brock: “They’ve broken into the warehouse!
They’re taking Master Fenris!
If we hurry we might be able to stop them!”

Dodd: “Move out, knights! Advance!”

This was the tipping point of the scale.
As knights and dames made a choice.
Would they follow Fortune or Dodd?
And heed they which strong voice?

As some went to carry orders out,
The others stood in their way.
Soon a riot began to break out.
The knights would fight this day.
Not against the forces of evil,
But brother against brother.
On one side stood the Soldiers of Fortune.
And Malachi Dodd’s on the other.

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