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Braden Silversmith

Summary: Braden Silversmith is The World Wide Warrior, Traveling the world to remediate the craziest situations that only one of the greatest heroes who ever lived can fix. With his enchanted Tomahawk Shadowlash, he is COURAGE’S most unique and elite single agent.

Birth Name: Braden Nahuel Silversmith
Other Aliases: The World Wide Warrior, The Warrior of California
Height: 6’0”
Weight: 200
Ethnicity: A mix of almost every ethnicity known to man.
Age During Year 0 of their personal timeline: 20

Remarkable Traits or Abilities: Excellent and eclectic martial arts skills both hand-to-hand and with weapons, excellent battle instincts, Sole-ownership of the enchanted Tomahawk known as Shadowlash, Fluent in several languages, conversational in dozens, Charismatic and able to read body language and customs extremely well, excellent at diplomacy and political de-escalation.

Affiliations: COURAGE, The Silversmith Family,

Personal Timeline:

Braden’s Early years can be read about in (Heritage of The Warrior)

When Braden’s martial arts career is just starting, he becomes The Warrior of California. This vigilante-business quickly became unstable, and his girlfriend Daniella Cruz was kidnapped. However, it turned out to be a test by Nick Tracer and Mr. H to see if Braden was in fact, the real deal, and worthy to be COURAGE’S World Wide Warrior.

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