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ITR42 – Getting Inside

Idiot’s Guide To Illegal Tech Repair 42
(Getting Inside)

Screech went the glass cutter in Amanda’s hands,
As the crew waited off to the side.

James: “You’d think they’d be able to afford digital glass.”

Dex: “Out here in the boonies? Yeah right!”

Amanda: “Would you two jabber-jaws quit yapping your traps?
I’m trying to make this job quick!”

Blayze: “It’s crazy that they couldn’t just let us in to do it.”

Amanda: “I said be quiet, you twits!”

Blayze pondered the strange situation,
He’d seen it many times before.
A local government building forced to upgrade-
With no infrastructure to support-
The hardware-software gap that existed
With outdated equipment and tech,
And so locals had to downgrade their systems
Just to keep order in check.
Yet they had to hire people like him illegally
To complete the task.
And so they had to do it off record and books.
In the darkness they had to attack.

Amanda: “Got it!”

Amanda announced quietly,
And the five of them crawled inside.

Pandora: “I’ve got a funny feeling about this.”

Pandora’s eye begin to twitch on the side.

Amanda: “Everyone stop chatting!
We have to hit this with speed.
Look on your screens for more instruction.
You’ll find everything you need.
Go and get this job done,
And it’ll be a cake-walk.
But continue with the social call
And We’ll be having a jail-talk.”

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