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ITR37 – High in the Sky

Idiot’s Guide To Illegal Tech Repair 37
(High In The Sky)

Blayze walked in through the hangar doors.
Dex laid there, bleeding clean,
Feeding his blood into the tubes,
Of that droning machine.
Dex opened his eyes and caught a glimpse,
Of Blayze’s saddened face.
He tried to jump up, but he couldn’t move.
He was pale, with little life-trace.

Blayze: “Stay down, Dex.
You’ve made yourself sick.”

Dex: “Dude, I wasn’t trying to hide!
Well, maybe I was.
But seriously dude,
I’m as high as a kite.
I know it was wrong to strand us all here.
And to keep all of you dangling.”

Suddenly he coughed and Blayze lifted his head,
To keep the young pilot from strangling.

Blayze: “Just relax. It’ll be okay.
We’re all gonna get through this alright.”

Dex: “Please don’t tell Amanda, man.
Help me get out of sight.
I didn’t want things to end up this way.
This is never the way it should go.”

Blayze simply stared for a moment.
Then replied: “I know.”

A siren shrieked it’s baleful screech,
And punched into their ears.
Then a voice came echoing it-
An AI with no fear.

AI: “Cosmic anomaly located,
Dangerously nearby.”

Blayze ran out into the field,
And what he saw up in the sky-
Made him as pale as Dex on that slab,
But with ten times the will to fly.
He burst back in through the hangar doors,

Blayze: “Get up, or we’re gonna die!”

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