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ITR40 – At What Cost?

Idiot’s Guide To Illegal Tech Repair 40
(At What Cost?)

Amanda: “If you ever do that again,
I’m letting you be swallowed alive!!!”

Dex looked down with a heavy heart,
And didn’t offer a reply.

Amanda: “Get yourself to the medical bay.
Get the heck out of my sight!”

Dex slowly got up and left the room,
Knowing he couldn’t fight.

Amanda paced bacon and forth.
Blayze sat at a table nearby.

Amanda: “What did he think he was doing?!?
Did he realize he could have died??”

Blayze: “Sometimes people mask their pain,
By acting out like this.
They’re so tied down by everyday life,
They think they need some bliss.”

Amanda: “Vampiric tech may have saved out lives,
But what cost did it accrue?”

Then Blayze knew in his heart, 
The thing he had to do.

Blayze: “Amanda… I am ready to tell you,
About Pandora and me.”

Amanda sighed and sat down with Blayze,
And Blayze spoke all freely.

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