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SHA13 – The Academy’s Position

Super Hero Alliance Patrol Ensemble 13
(The Academy’s Position)

SHAA President
Yacob Sorensen ascended
To the Witness Stand
He was the one who was fated
With repairing all that Allister Anton
Had done to the Academy.
As a result he was fairly vanilla
With plain gray suit, no embroidery.
His monotone voice responded to questions
With long, dragged-out legalese,
And all Dana could think was:
”Make this stop, please!”

Yacob: “It is the policy of the Academy that all superheroes who wish to graduate and join a professional team must pay a release fee. This fee is necessary to maintain a fair and balanced distribution of talent among all the teams in the Superhero Alliance. Without this fee, some teams may have an unfair advantage over others, leading to an imbalance of power and potentially compromising the safety of the populace.

The release fee system also ensures that all teams have an equal opportunity to select top talent upon graduation from the Academy. It is crucial for the league to have a fair and impartial allocation of talent, as this promotes healthy competition and ultimately leads to a better outcome for society as a whole.

As for Fire Man and Hot Chick, they are not exempt from this policy. Despite their remarkable abilities and impressive skills, they must also pay the release fee if they intend to join a professional team. This policy is not intended to be punitive, but rather to ensure that the league remains equitable and sustainable in the long term.”

The Judge interrupted then,
And Dana whispered: “Thank Goodness.”

Judge: “All that you say is true, Yacob.
But I think I need to know something more pertinent.”

The SHAA attorney stood up,
And requested to approach the bench.
And after a moment of conferral,
The matter was done and spent.

Judge: “SHAA would like to bring forth a witness
Somewhat controversial.
Please escort Allister Anton-”

That name’s effect was quite inertial.

As soon as Allister was mentioned,
The doors flew open wide,
And several armed men holding hid chains-
Walked in along his sides.
He wore a straight jacket and a gag
And his eyes shined with malicious glee.
Everyone seemed gripped with fear-
Seeing the former president of the Academy.

But just as he was halfway to
The bench to unleash verbal doomsday
Behemoth Jr. entered the courtroom
Or, tried to anyway.

B: “Hey guys! Sorry I’m late!”
He began to push and shove-
And squeeze his long narrow neck inside
As innocently as a dove.
The courtoom audience
Who were already upset
Began to panic and flee,
And poor Judge Hemingway did all he could
But his gavel’s head broke free.

”Order!” He screamed again and again
As Allister chokingly wheezed,
And B began to cry: “I’m stuck!”

Judge Hemmingway: “This court is in recess, now please!”

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