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WWW14 – The Tape

World Wide Warrior 14
(The Tape)

And so begins the contents of
The tape the Silversmiths found.
Try to listen to the words,
And pay attention to it’s sounds…

Chris Magnus: “I’m just about to head into Humkukingh,
A local establishment,
To seek information, undercover
About our local government.
The men who come to this restaurant,
Are security for
Men who are meeting with our Governor.
I believe they have a lot in store.”

The sounds of the clinking glasses
And plates being moved around,
Were mixed with the sound of a few hushed voices,
And middle-eastern music in the background.

After a few moments
Of noise and getting a table,
Chris was heard saying to someone,

Chris: “Is this seat available?”

A thick accented voice replied
In a tone that wasn’t very kind,

Man: “It’s a free country, or so they say.
Do what you have in mind.”

Chris: “Thank you. I don’t come here often.
What do you think of this place?”

Man: “I don’t come here often either.
I am from another place.”

Chris: “Oh really? Where are you from?”

Man: “I don’t see how that is your business.
But Syria is from where I hail.”

Chris: “I see several of you wearing that decoration on your turban.”

Man: “Your vision does not fail.”

Chris: “Are they from Syria too?”

The man paused uncomfortably.

Chris: “Look, I’m down here to make friends.
I apologize for babbling insufferably.
May I buy you a drink my friend?”

The man agreed and then,
Chris spent the next 30 minutes,
Schmoozing the Syrian man.
He bought the man as many drinks as he wanted,
And listened to all that he said,
Soon Chris had all the information he wanted,
Though most of it made him dread-
The task that laid ahead of him,
And soon you’ll know just why
Chris Magnus’ life was taken,
For all that he did try.

Chris: “So let me get all you said straight, Ahmed,
You’ve got a man inside,
Working with the Governor
And creating instability inside-
The Governor’s mind through hypnosis
And other forms of control?”

Ahmed: “He’s a very powerful man, Chris!
Don’t make it sound so droll!
The Governor is a man who has many stresses,
And we plan to relieve them.
Soon he’ll declare California’s succession from the Union,
And instate martial law,
Under the guidance of Mukhtar Imran,
The new leader of us all.”

Ahmed was then interrupted,
By another two men,
Who cursed at him in their native tongue,
And he argued back with them.
Chris attempted to slip away
With a silent aloofness.
But the men grabbed him and shoved him against a wall
With utter ruthlessness.

Man 1: “What is it he told you?!”

Man 2: “Where do you think you’re going?!”

The bouncers in the establishment stepped into the gap,
And stopped any blood from flowing.
He sent the Syrians packing,
And Chris slipped out the back.
Then the recording stopped.
Leaving Rayen to pick up the slack.

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