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ITR23 – Spooky Sleepy

The Idiot’s Guide To Illegal Tech Repair 23
(Spooky Sleepy)

Several hours later, Blayze and Pandora
Were still at their chore,
Trying to figure what went wrong with Wendall,
And to figure out what was in store
for one another and the crew.
Things seemed to be on edge.
But they knew that they would find the answer.
In their brains they’d taken that pledge.

Pandora: “I’m glad you’re here to work on this code.
You’re so good with all types of AI.
Dex is good with keeping this ship going,
And Amanda is a strong ally!
She’s great at seeing connections
Between all sorts of tech.
And I’m really good at Maintenance and upkeep,
To continually be saving our necks.”

Blayze: “So that leaves James. What about him?”

Pandora: “I suppose he is the muscle.
He seems like a former mercenary or something.
Someone who knows how to hustle.”

Just then James came in behind Pandora
And Pandora jumped in surprise.

James: “Don’t be underestimating me girl,
I may have pretty blue eyes,
I may be cut like a fightin’ bull,
I may have weapons galore,
But don’t be underestimating me and tech.
What you think it is I fight for?”

Blayze: “You? Are-?”

Blayze fell asleep.

James: “What the heck’s wrong,
You little creep?”

Pandora: “Blayze? Buddy?
Are you okay?”

James: “I don’t like this.
Not in any way.”

Pandora: “What’s going on?!
Why’d he fall asleep?!”

James: “Shush up, girl!
Our heads, we gotta keep!”

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