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WOW34 – Colors

World of Wrestling 34

That night, Joshua told Jessica,
That they would go to a party.
Jessica did herself up right.
With style, she was hearty.
Skinny jeans and a white top,
With her favorite brown, fuzzy, boots.
She tried to look sexy,
But also strong and cute.

Her doorbell rang aloud
And her heart jumped in her throat.
The Big Dog had arrived.
This was no joke.
She told her insides,
To shut up and work,
Then she opened
The door with a jerk.

Jessica: “Hi! I-”
Was all that Jess said.
For she was faced down
By a bright shade of red.
Plus shades of yellow,
Of green and of blue.

Josh had painted his face,
And wore bright clothes too.

Joshua: “Hey Jess, what’s up?
Are you gonna get dressed?”

Jessica: “Are you, Joshua?
We don’t have time to rest.”

Joshua: “Ohhhh!” Josh exclaimed,
“You’ve never been to a rave.
Well at least not straight edge kind.
I’m sorry I gave-
Too little information,
I can help if you’d like.
Everyone will be facepainted
On the dancefloor tonight.
And wearing high heels,
Won’t that hurt?
You’ll be dancing a lot.
I don’t mean to be curt.”

Jessica frowned at the strange set of clothes,
And at Joshua’s carefree attitude.
Didn’t he have any sense of style?
But he wasn’t exactly being rude.

Jessica: “I think I’ll stick with the clothes I have.
If it’s the same to you.”

Joshua: “Hey, far be it from me to dictate.
It’s your thang. Do whatcha wanna do.”

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