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WOW35 – Not In Kansas

World of Wrestling 35
(Not In Kansas)

Out in the North Georgia woods,
There was a barn called “The Spot.”
Inside it was air conditioned,
But it was still very hot.
And when Jessica went with Joshua,
And stepped into that place,
Jessica felt like she had stepped
Into outer space.

Flashing lights danced around
Fog machines blew like mad.
Music boomed and thumped with rhythm,
And everyone was clad-
In facepaint and baggy shorts,
In tutus or cat ears.
Jessica’s heart dropped in her chest,
And she even felt a little fear.

Joshua: “Isn’t this great?!” Joshua yelled,
Over the thumping bass.

Jessica: “Honestly, Josh?” Jessica wondered
Feeling so out of place.

Joshua: “Come on! Let’s dance!”
Joshua tried,

Jessica: “No. This song is too fast.”

Joshua: “Wait until you hear the happy hardcore songs!
How are you gonna last?!”

Jessica began to feel sick in her stomach,
She turned and went outside.
Joshua followed with her,
But soon she tried to hide.
Joshua looked and looked.
But soon she got away,
She found a place to sit and rest,
So she could formulate what to say.

Jessica: “Keep it together.” she told herself,
“You’re here for Joshua your friend.
There’s no booze or RnB here.
Can you make it to this night’s end?”

The ideal that she has concocted,
Lingered in her brain.
A hot club full of important people,
Dressed to the nines and plain!
Not in weird rainbow garb!
No legwarmers or hats.
Then Joshua finally found her,
On the porch out back.

Joshua: “I’m sorry this was such a shock.”

Jessica: “Joshua, it’s not your fault.”

Joshua: “I love bright colors and EDM.”

Jessica: “I’ll keep my feelings in the vault.
Tonight is your night to show me,
Something you truly love.”

Joshua: “Thank you.” Joshua said with a smile,
And they went back into the club.

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