Blessed Has Left

Notes Of Destiny 8
(Blessed Has Left)

The Mora trees began to bud,
Spring had come again.
Windy went to check on Blessed,
Perhaps new life would begin.

But when she arrived, she found his bed empty.
With no trace of where he’d gone.
She did not want her family to panic
So she searched for him by dawn.
Frantically back and forth she searched,
Looking for tracks on the ground,
Or broken leaves along the path,
Or any hint of sound.
He probably wouldn’t head toward town,
So she headed for the docks.
And what she saw when she arrived,
Made her stare and gawk.

Blessed stood over two bodies,
Lying on the docks,.
He’d obviously fought them both on his own.
That was quite a shock.
They were pirates by their tattoos,
What crew, she didn’t know.
Blessed jumped down into their boat,
And made to leave them though.

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