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WOW28 – Weasel Words

World of Wrestling 28
(Weasel Words)

William Rothschild stapled some papers.
And went on his merry way,
About his daily duties and chores,
And having a wonderful day.
That is of course until Jessica,
Entered his office unannounced.

William: ” Have you no manners whatsoever?”

Jessica: “Not even an ounce.
Look, I’ve been hearing this rumor going around,
That there’s a price on my head.
I can’t help but feel hunted.”

William: “Hmm, Wonder what started that thread.
Look, you can’t keep being paranoid.
It annoys the heck out of me.
If you want to go work somewhere else,
There’s plenty of places to be.”

Jessica frowned and shifted her weight.
She leaned down on William’s desk.

William: “Listen to me, Jessica.
You are a little pest!
You come in my office without knocking,
And lay your paranoia on me?
What is it exactly you want me to do?
Seriously! It’s like talking to a tree!”

Jessica: “I’m just concerned for my own safety!
People say there’s a hit out on me!”

William: “That’s because there is, Jessica.
So get out while you can breathe.”

Jessica sighed and shook her head,
And marched out right away.
But William had just put the nail in his coffin.
She had won the war this day.

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