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WOW37 – Pool Time

World of Wrestling 37
(Pool Time)

At the pool, Jessica twitched,
As she sat there at the table.
She would not tell Joshua her secret.
She determined herself unable.
But at this indoor pool she shuddered,
While watching her Big Dog play.
How would she get out of swimming?
She wanted to end this day.

Just then a little voice from behind her said,

Voice: “Remember a long time ago-
When you did cool flips like moonsaults?
Those always made me say ‘Woah.’”

Jessica smiled and turned around
And she saw a middle-school girl.
And for all of the fear she’d had so far,
This girl helped calm her world.

Jessica: “Thanks. You must be Davey’s older sister.
I saw you earlier today.”

Sister: “Yeah, my name is Mandy.
Why don’t you still do those moves today?”

Jessica: “Well I’d like to do more top rope moves.
But my back and knees can’t take it.”

Mandy: “Could you do one off the high dive?”

Jessica’s fear threw a fit.

Jessica: “Uhhh… yes?”
Her eye began to twitch.

Mandy: “I’d love to see one if you can!”

Jessica’s whole mind switched.
The next thing she knew, she was twenty feet up,
Staring down sixteen feet of water.
It took a moment for everyone to notice,
The Joshua did spot her.

The kids cheered for her to jump,
And Joshua looked concerned.
She took a deep breath and jumped off the board.
He heart began to burn.

Into the water she sank down,
And the scary reality resurfaced.
Swimming lessons were not a thing,
Her parents had ever purchased.

She held her breath as long as she could,
And suddenly hands grabbed her waist.
She was pulled up to the surface,
And she blushed all over her face.
Joshua set her on the side of the pool,
And he spoke to her with fear.

Joshua: “Do you know how to swim, Jessica?”

Then her face turned green.

Jessica: “I was afraid they wouldn’t like me…”
Jessica looked down and sad.

Joshua: “You can be honest with me, Jess.
It shouldn’t have to get this bad.”

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