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GOA61 – The Lonely Twin

Guardians Of Atlanta 61
(The Lonely Twin)

It had been a very bad day for Amira
All those years ago.
But even on the verge of 18,
Her body had refused to grow.
She suffered from the simple fact
That her body looked like a child,
But mention that fact to her face,
And her ire would be riled.

Living from home to home
Had made her heart quite hard.
And seemingly nothing could heal her
From her lingering scars.
That is, Except for one thing that
Seemed to help a little.
Old Disney movie marathons
When her heart felt brittle.

And so on this particular day,
When she arrived “home” from school,
She wandered into her room,
And tried to keep her cool
As she pulled out the secret tape,
she’d taken from a home years before,
Its white clamshell casing held together by tape-
After too many falls to the floor.
It’s corners were sharp and edged,
But she didn’t mind.
The Rescuers was her favorite movie
To help her mind unwind.

But halfway through the little flick,
A sound came from the apartment door.
Her social-worker Keri was home,
Amira knew from all the jingling jewelry she wore.
Usually she didn’t bother Amira,
So Amira continued to relax.
But a moment later Keri peeked in the room.

Keri: “Hey Amira, I’m back!
I got you a dress for the party tonight.”

Amira: “What are you talking about?”
Keri: “I know, I’m springing this at the last moment.
But you’ve GOT to help me out.
I can’t find any sitters for you.”

Amira: “That’s fine. I’m 17.”

Keri: “Are you being smart with me? I could lose my job!
What in the world are you thinking?!
You’re going to this party whether you like it or not.”

Amira: “You gonna drag me all the way there?
Come on Keri! You know this isn’t at all fair!”

Keri: “Just stop fighting me! Stop!
If you don’t, I’m authorized to administer drugs to you
However I see fit.
Now just put your dress on now, and let’s go.
I know you don’t care how you look in it.”

Amira stomped an angry foot
And Keri simply laughed.

Keri: “Here’s your dress Oh ungrateful one,
I’ll be in the car out back.”

Keri tossed the dress at Amira,
Who lifted it up to see,
A dress with a Wal-Mart tag still on it,
Pink, and very frilly.

Amira: “She didn’t even try.
But then again, what’s new?
I guess I’m going to this thing looking like
A little easter girl that’s 2.”

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