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GOA79 – Darkness Unleashed

Guardians Of Atlanta 79
(Darkness Unleashed)

As Amy was writing, the door was kicked in
And a man entered without a word.
He pointed some hand-held device at her.
And he did not deter,
To use it to shoot out a sticky glob
That stuck Amy to a wall, neutralized.
Then he pulled out a handgun,
And shot at the man she prized.

Marlynn jumped behind a pew,
And was only hit once.
And he fought within himself to hold back.
But after a deafening grunt,
He uttered the words he hated to speak,
And became intangible to men.
His form was that of a billowing shadow.
And he rose above the man.
The man stepped back, and shot some more.
But it did him no good.

Marlynn: “You’ve bit off far more than you can chew.
Is that much understood?”

Marlynn descended on top of the man,
Using black smoke to pin the man down.
He coughed and sputtered and tried to scream,
And thrashed trying not to drown.

Marlynn: “Why are you here? What do you want?
I need answers now.”

The man choked out-

Man: “Get off of me. Ow!”

Marlynn however persisted.

Marlynn: “Why are you here at all?
Who is the one who troubles this girl?
Tell me, you sick rag doll!”

The man coughed again and said,

Man: “Red Death!
That is the answer you seek!”

Marlynn: “What does he want?”

Marlynn shot back.

Man: “I don’t know! You stupid freak!”

Marlynn pressed harder and screamed at the man.

Marlynn: “Tell me all that you know!”

Man: “He’s raising some kind of ancient evil!
Out of a Mountain of Stone!
He needs her for some reason,
I simply didn’t ask!
P-lease let me go!”

And with that, Marlynn turned his back.
The Man’s gun was gone, nowhere to be seen,
And the man himself cowered beneath Mar’s stare.
He shook in fetal position on the floor,
Gasping in lungfuls of air.
Amy stood terrified, stuck in the goop.
Not believing what she’d seen.
And Marlynn had never seen someone
Who looked so pale and green.

The pangs of guilt for what he’d done
flooded back to him.
But he felt worst for scaring Amy.
When her condition was so grim.

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