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Want To Tour Our Awesome Space Rig?

The Grand Tour (ITR5) – Poetry for Warriors Daily (Ep. 58)

Amanda wakes up Blayze and Pandora and announces that it’s time to get to work. They meet Dex Cramer, their liaison for their employer, who takes them on a tour of their new home, The Magnus Canis. Dex shares stories of how various objects on the ship have helped him in the past. They eventually reach the heart of the ship, the Engine Model X20, known as The Grand Mall. Pandora expresses her excitement and hugs the device. Dex explains its capabilities, including the Vampiric Feeder system that saved their lives the day before. However, their tour is interrupted by an alarm as a Gryvian ship appears, and James announces that the enemy ship is approaching. Amanda declares “Operation Red Rover.”

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