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The Tape (WWW14) – Poetry for Warriors Daily (Ep. 37)


The Silversmiths begin listening to the contents of the tape they found, eager to uncover its secrets. The recording features Chris Magnus, who describes his plan to gather information undercover at a local restaurant frequented by security personnel connected to the Governor. He engages in conversation with a Syrian man named Ahmed, gradually gaining his trust by buying him drinks. Ahmed reveals that there is a person working alongside the Governor, using hypnosis and other forms of control to manipulate his decisions and create instability. They plan to declare California’s secession from the Union and establish martial law under the leadership of Mukhtar Imran. The conversation is interrupted by two men arguing with Ahmed, and when Chris tries to slip away, they confront him aggressively. Bouncers intervene, allowing Chris to escape through the back exit. The recording ends, leaving Rayen to continue piecing together the puzzle.

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