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ITR52 – Interviewing Niron Clyg

Idiot’s Guide To Illegal Tech Repair 52
(Interviewing Niron Clyg)

Meanwhile Jarvis Canine,
Commander of the Federation Fleet,
Was pulled into a room for an interview,
And another Commander he did greet.

Clyg: “My name is Commander Niron Clyg.
I am told you are in charge.
Why is it that this fleet,
Has invaded this little barge?
This museum is Gryvian.
At least, it is now.
State your name and rank,
And then tell me how-
It is a Commander like you,
Would ever come out this far?”

Jarvis took a long, deep breath,
And stared at Commander Clyg’s scars.

Jarvis: “I am Commander Jarvis Canine.
And my fleet and crew,
Were out on a routine patrol mission,
And we had not heard your view-
That this museum belonged to The Emperor,
Nor that you were stationed nearby.
This misunderstanding and trespassing,
Needn’t make either side cry.
If you’re clever, you’ll let us go,
And no harm will come to you.”

Clyg laughed a throaty laugh.

Clyg: “I’m sure you’d like me to.
I’m not a dummy, Jarvis.
I know what you’re trying to find.
The only way dogs like you come around,
Is when you’re searching for a find.
You’re looking for a fugitive,
Or a band of them here.
Tell me I’m wrong, Jarvis Canine.
Tell me so I can hear!”

Jarvis: “I do not need to endanger my men,
By revealing my orders to you.”

Clyg: “So you admit you lied to me?!
What else do you think you can do?
I’ve got all your ships tied up,
And this whole place locked-down tight.
I suggest that your start telling me the truth.
If you don’t want to have a fight.”

Jarvis: “In exchange for cooperation,
With any of your following plans,
I require one simple thing,
And it will not bind your hands.
Do not hurt any of my men,
Or the people you captured here.
We may be prisoners to your Lord,
But no one will be hurt. Do you hear?”

Clyg stared straight into Jarvis’s eyes,
Neither one once did blink.
Clyg thought this over for a moment,
And at the end of his think-

He said: “Jarvis, you strike a hard bargain.
But I think we can deal with that.”

Clyg shook Jarvis’s hand,
And the interview became more laid-back…

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