Category: Episode 1 – Team Time

Evil Allister Anton

Super Hero Alliance Patrol Ensemble 10 (Evil Allister Anton) The bridge of that station grew suddenly cold, The weedy man threw the beaker. He began to grow in grotesque ways As his screams bellowed like speakers. Captain Majestic: “Quickly team! We must work together! To stop this abominable shape!” Robogirl: “He’s used his connection to […]


Super Hero Alliance Patrol Ensemble 9 (Crash!) Through the empty blackness flew Their makeshift silo flue Off to fight whatever this menace In robot-clad armor was up to. They neared their destination fast And Captain Majestic realized What they had forgotten On their race to the skies. Coming up into to view They so a […]

Into The Sky!

Superhero Alliance Patrol Ensemble 8 (Into The Sky) Captain Majestic stared, confused, As Fire Man began his tirade. Fire Man: “We faked that call to get your help! We need you all to be brave! The guy who launched that robot, Was a villain that infiltrated SHA! He stole DNA from the academy’s lab, Hot […]

The Farm

Super Hero Alliance Patrol Ensemble 7 (The Farm) The Super Hero Alliance Patrol Ensemble Arrived with eager fanfare Each wearing a bright shiny costume And grinning from ear to ear. Captain Majestic flew through the air. The Dragon, Like a silent ninja crept And Robogirl saddled Behemoth Jr. While holding on tightly to his neck. […]

The Call

Super Hero Alliance Patrol Ensemble 6 (The Call) David, Fu, Dana, and B, Sat around a table grinning happily. They stared at the center, Of the table, at their phone, In their tiny office space, Which would serve as their home. It was headquartered inside, Of building three, on the thirteenth floor, Overlooking the sea. […]


Super Hero Alliance Patrol Ensemble 5 (Recruited) The fiery duo whom David had seen Performing feats amazing, Were known as Fire Man and Hot Chick And they stood in an echoey starewell gazing At a lurking figure in the dark Who whispered of plans obscene. Anyone who saw the creepy sight, Would think it had […]

The Dragon

Super Hero Alliance Patrol Ensemble 4 (The Dragon) Captain Majestic stepped into his office, Trying to keep his chin up. He strolled over through the dark room trying not to cry. And picked up his coffee cup. It said: “Heroes don’t take no for an answer.” He sighed loudly and flipped on the switch. The […]

Behemoth Jr.

Superhero Alliance Patrol Ensemble 3 (Behemoth Jr.) Dana: “I’m sorry we couldn’t get any teammates, This time around, Uncle Dave.” David: “I wonder how long it would take, If for that fire-guy I’d save… Well the trip doesn’t have to be for nothing. I guess I could go upstairs and check- Out my office and […]

The Academy

Superhero Alliance Patrol Ensemble 2 (The Academy) SHA, (The Superhero Alliance) Was a vast corporate entity. Towering offices all over the world Working to be the best they could be. They produced superheros to better the world. Their humanitarian efforts were vast! And David Daniels had worked for them- For what seemed like ages that […]

A New Team

Superhero Alliance Patrol Ensemble 1 (A New Team) It was a Tuesday on a week That would seem normal to most. A buff-looking, middle-aged hunk of a man, Walked down the street so proud he could boast. His swaggering steps echoed his smile, And the sharp blazer he wore. He strolled right up to his […]