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SHA8 – Into The Sky!

Superhero Alliance Patrol Ensemble 8
(Into The Sky)

Captain Majestic stared, confused,
As Fire Man began his tirade.

Fire Man: “We faked that call to get your help!
We need you all to be brave!
The guy who launched that robot,
Was a villain that infiltrated SHA!
He stole DNA from the academy’s lab,
Hot Chick and Both saw!
He’s taking the DNA up into space,
To catalyze them with cosmic rays,
And take all the students powers for himself!”

Captain Majestic stared, amazed.

Captain Majestic: “… Your dishonestly faked a call?!”

RoboGirl: “Captain, now’s not the time!
We have to get to space right now!”

Captain Majestic: “Your right! What’s wrong with my mind?”

Captain Majestic grabbed a silo,
And ripped it out of the ground.
RoboGirl activated welder mode
And sealed it all around.
The found some air compressors and tanks,
And an old tractor engine for thrust.
The Dragon made a fuel out of herbal tea,
And cleaning chemicals for dust.
As quick as The could they piled in,
And Behemoth Junior gave lift.
He threw the silo as hard as he could
So into space they could drift.

Fire Man: “Wow. You all did that really fast.”

B: “Thanks, fire, we try.”

And off the silo went to confront,
The evil villain in the sky.

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