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SHA4 – The Dragon

Super Hero Alliance Patrol Ensemble 4
(The Dragon)

Captain Majestic stepped into his office,
Trying to keep his chin up.
He strolled over through the dark room trying not to cry.
And picked up his coffee cup.
It said: “Heroes don’t take no for an answer.”
He sighed loudly and flipped on the switch.
The lights came on, and a sudden sight-
Nearly made him twitch.

Fu Wong, The janitor of the building,
And once a very powerful man,
Was emptying out Captain Majestic’s
Monster-Truck trash can.

“Fu! It’s you!
What are you doing here?”

Fu: “I could ask the same of you.
But why are any of us here?”

“Well you’re emptying trash. I can see that now.
But why do it in the dark?”

Fu: “It is only in the dark that we can truly see.
Truly see… With our heart.”

Captain Majestic paused for a second,
Contemplating the old man.

“Didn’t you used to be a hero?”

Fu: “The strongest in my clan.”

“What made you quit hero work?”

Fu: “I disgraced my job and team.
I cannot talk about that dreadful memory.
I cannot! Don’t make me scream!”

Fu inhaled to scream out loud.
But David bid him hush.

“Would you come back to join my team?
Would you join up with us?”

Fu: “No more smelly garbage?
No more cleaning floors?
Would you give me a place to stay?
I’m great at doing chores!”

“What exactly are your powers?
I’ve heard you’re an exceptional man.”

Fu: “You have heard right, Captain, my Captain.
For I am… The Dragon!”

Fu ripped off his one piece jumpsuit
To reveal a gi underneath.
It was wrinkly, and did not smell very good.
But David’s team was nearly complete.

Fu :”May I discuss my powers with you
Over some herbal tea?”

“I don’t mind the tea part, Fu.
But I’m completely drug-free.”

Fu sighed deep and long.

Fu: “Come, I have much to teach you.”

“Does that mean you’re on the team?
Hot Momma! Thank you, Fu!”

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