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SHA6 – The Call

Super Hero Alliance Patrol Ensemble 6
(The Call)

David, Fu, Dana, and B,
Sat around a table grinning happily.
They stared at the center,
Of the table, at their phone,
In their tiny office space,
Which would serve as their home.
It was headquartered inside,
Of building three,
on the thirteenth floor,
Overlooking the sea.

They gloried in it all,
Growing super excited.
Their baited breath grew oppressive
As they gleefully invited
Someone to be their very first call.
Then the phone rang,
And David nearly threw it at the wall.

David: “Superhero Alliance Patrol Ensemble!
How can we help you today?!?”

He listened intently to the caller,
Everyone else in silent hysterics.

David: “Your kitty is stuck on top of a silo?!?

That sounds simply epic!
We’ll be over as soon as possible!”

He hung up and everyone shouted
SHAPE had it’s very first job!
Now their team would never be doubted!

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