Super Hero Alliance Patrol Ensemble 5

The fiery duo whom David had seen
Performing feats amazing,
Were known as Fire Man and Hot Chick
And they stood in an echoey starewell gazing
At a lurking figure in the dark
Who whispered of plans obscene.
Anyone who saw the creepy sight,
Would think it had been from a dream.

Fire Man: β€œAnd you’re sure-
There’s no other catch?”

Fire Man stood before the man,
Who seemed sketchy at best.
His friend Hot Chick was by his side,
And he was equally unimpressed,
With this shady foreign man,
Wearing a hooded trenchcoat vest.

Foreign Man: β€œThere will be no other catch-
To this little agreement.
You do exactly what I want you to,
Then you get your payment.
Why is it so hard,
For your puny brains to understand?”

Hot Chick: β€œWell, to tell you the truth,
This sounds too good to be true, man.”

Fire Man: β€œThe amount of money you’re offering-
Sounds like a smokescreen.”

Foreign Man: β€œHow else do you think I get people
To sign up for my little scheme?”

Fire Man: β€œWell we need some time to talk.
Can you give us a day or two?”

The man shivered nervously.

Foreign Man: β€œJust see that you do!”

He then turned and nearly fell over
Tripping all over his clothes.

Foreign Man: “Why is this stairwell so dark!?”
Then he left, uncomposed.

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