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Watch Out Here I Come (WWW19) – Poetry for Warriors Daily (Ep. 42)

Braden Silversmith skillfully ascends the side of a building, blending into the shadows to stay undetected. With his tools at the ready, he awaits Rayen’s signal through his earpiece, determined not to make any foolish mistakes. Finally, the alarm is disabled, and Braden swiftly cuts through glass to enter a bedroom loft. Following Rayen’s instructions, he navigates the building silently, weaving through hallways and stairwells. At last, he reaches the room where the hypnosis session is taking place. Through his earpiece, Braden shares the chilling dialogue between Mukhtar Imran and the Governor, capturing the critical moment. But things take a dangerous turn as Braden faces Mukhtar and his men. With tension escalating, Braden must rely on his training and Shadowlash to survive. Will he make it out unscathed?
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