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GOA110 – The Final Stand

Guardians Of Atlanta 110
(The Final Stand)

Harbingella moved slowly closer to William,
Her dress billowing in an unfelt breeze.
But Cyrus stood up between them both.

Harbingella: “Cyrus, don’t make me say please.”

Cyrus let a vicious punch fly,
And connected with Harbingella’s face.
And in return, Harbingella,
Gladly quickened her pace.
She used her magic to fling
Cyrus against the wall.
Then she was attacked
By the smallest of them all.
Holding Will’s sword, Knox
In her tiny little hands,
Amira Kadru fought bravely.
Attempting to make a stand.
But Harbingella simply plucked Knox
Right out of her hands,
And slashed at Amira with it,
While heating it like a hot brand.
But something struck a nerve with Harbingella,

When Bobby Carter said:
“Nice anklet babe. Where’d you get it from?”
For Harbingella wore an anklet,
That was a bronze-ish red.
Bobby hadn’t seen it before,
When he met her a day ago.
And Harbingella retaliated
With a very mighty blow.
But to her surprise, it only hit air,
And Bobby Carter chuckled.

Harbingella: “Illusions?! I’ll show you real magic!”
But then Stone Mountain buckled.
Cyrus had struck it with a lightning bolt,
And it’s foundations shook.
Harbingella turned to Cyrus
Just long enough to look
At the Angel, Ezekiel,
Who stood right next to her.
Then William swiped at Harbingella’s legs,
In what seemed like a total blur.
But Harbingella jumped over the blade,
And landed on her back.
Marlynn then rose, and spoke dark words
Which he used on Harbingella to trap
Her to the floor, As William struck
At the anklet’d leg.

Harbingella held the blade back with magic,
And then began to beg.

Harbingella: “William please! Stop!”

Then Amira joined Will’s side.
Her hands on his, She helped him push,
As Bobby made things dance before the witch’s eyes.
Harbingella screamed as she tried to focus,
But she had one more foe.
Cyrus’ bolt struck the mountain again,
And dealt the final blow.
The anklet was severed and Amy was wounded.
But, Harbingella was gone.
Potent magic spilled out of the anklet
Which William and the others had sawn.
William pulled it away with his sword,
And struck it again and again.
Dicing it into tiny pieces.
And crushing them with a rock in the end.
Marlynn held Amy close,
As she shivered in his arms.
Amira tended to Amy’s wounds.
They all, were now safe from harm.

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