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GOA101 – Stone Mountain’s Secret

Guardians Of Atlanta 101
(Stone Mountain’s Secret)

Amy screamed her body clawed forward.
The hail had battered her body.
Blood and bruises covered her,
And her clothes were now quite shoddy.
Though Cyrus didn’t mean to at all,
The hail had done it’s worst on her.
Amy cried within herself,
Tired of fighting to be pure.
She tried to speak, And Jezebel let her.
The words spilling out clumsily:

Amy: “Stop, please. We can’t go on.
Can’t you see we’re weary?”

Jezebel laughed as madness twitched
The ends of her mouth to a smile.

Jezebel: “Just a couple more steps my dear.”
She replied with much guile.

Just then they reached the very top,
That flat and stoney surface.
It looked desolate to Amy’s eyes,
She still did not see it’s purpose.
Jezebel took her to one side,
And swung down into a small chasm.
There was no way one could ever see it,
But that wasn’t hard to fathom.
There were many blind spots around the mountain of stone,
But this one had a secret to hide.
For Amy’s body wasn’t just standing in a chasm.
No, it was standing inside.

Amy: “It’s Hollow? It’s hollow?!”
Amy exclaimed, as Jezebel ran her hand along a wall,

Jezebel: “Don’t worry, no one will find us now.
My legend is just down this hall.
And when we take it, and strap it on,
Everything you are, will finally be gone.”

Amy was silent as Jezebel marched,
Mocking Mary with a song.
The one that William had hummed earlier,
But with new words, as they walked along.

Jezebel: “O’er the hills and through the pain,
Where I will be Witch-Queen Again,
I command and this body obeys,
Over the hills and gone always!”

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