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GOA107 – Harbingella’s Return

Guardians Of Atlanta 107
(Harbingella’s Return)

There was silence in the darkness
For a few moments there.
Marlynn took a moment to collect himself,
And to adjust his eyes’ dark stare.

Marlynn: “Amy?” He said in a cautious tone,
“Amy are you still here?”

Amy: “There is no more Amy you silly boy.
Amy has disappeared.”

The torches on the wall exploded with flame,
And Marlynn saw Amy standing tall.
Not hunched, or cowering, tiny, or lonely,
She was no longer small.
Her white dress rippled around her with magic,
That he had seen before.
The kind of beautifying a vain witch would use.
Sparkling and flowing the fabric more.
She walked toward him slowly,
With the swagger of Jezebel.
And she proudly announced,

Amy: “I’m going to put you through hell.”

Marlynn felt every muscle seize up,
As if cramping in sudden pain.
He was pinned to the floor and had no way to move.
No motor skills worked in his brain.

Amy: “And now for the one who rejected my magics,
And murdered his very own mother.
Who self-destructively loves a God who hates him,
For what reason? I have to wonder.
Put that all aside right now,
Come and follow me.
And you can be with the one you love,
I will not ask again of thee.”

Marlynn sat for a brief moment,
Entranced by her augmented beauty.
But even that did not distract him,
From his one great duty.

Marlynn: “I know you’re just a legend.
An echo of one that was.
Harbingella is just an evil woman.
Amy is more because
Harbingella doesn’t really live anymore,
Just the idea of her exists.
Amy you have to snap out of this now!
You are not Harbingella! You are not Eclipse!
You are not Jezebel, Diana, or the others!
You are Amy! The girl I fell in love with!”

Amy cocked her head to one side.

Amy: “You assume I am just myth?
If that is so then what is Amy?
This girl’s name that you’ve invented?
Your cowardice is amusing, boy.
You are quite demented.”

Marlynn was raised by magics unknown,
And flung against the cave wall,
And then again and again his body was thrown.
All 6 foot 11 inches tall,
He was thrown around like a rag doll,
As Harbingella amused herself,
And in his delirium, Marlynn prayed
That he and Amy would receive help.

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