Guardians Of Atlanta 63
(A Hidden Talent)

The fury of the men with swords was great.
And in number they were many.
Some were immediately caught in force-fields
But their numbers were just too plenty.
William jumped into the fray
And fought back against these men.
But by the time he got to the front line
The men had surrendered to him.

That is- This man known as Warren James,
Who’d seemingly single-handedly stopped
An oncoming horde of radical knights

Mayor: “Now that’s an amazing cop!”

The Mayor beamed as people stood and applauded.
But soon the leader of the men with swords,
Found an old foe he spotted.

Leader: “William…”
He said with an ominous tone.
Then commanded-

Leader: “Kill! Fight!”

That was all the knights needed know
They ended their surrender, and flurried in their might.
Amira wasn’t sure what to do.
But something in her told her to assist.
She grabbed a bottle, dropped it on the floor,
Picked it up, and ran into their midst.
She brushed past Warren James,
And stood back to back with Will.
She swung her sharp glass back and forth
And felt an adrenaline thrill.

Amira received some sort of tunnel vision,
And fought with might she didn’t own.
She remembered little of what went on.
But after a few moments she was thrown
By one of the larger men, against a wall,
She backed against it and feared.
he Courage she had moments ago,
That tunnel vision, had cleared.

She looked around and saw no William.
She pressed against the wall.
The man came closer to her, with dagger raised.
All 6-foot-3 inches tall.
Tiny little Amira felt a surge
Suddenly run through her body.
She threw out her hand like Warren James did
And an instant later,
Her entire frame felt disembodied.
She stared at the man who now stood at yield
Inside her very own police force field.
Amira’s jaw gaped at what she’d just done.
But she held the large man fast,
This victory she’d won.

Warren and the police took the unwelcome men out.
But she knew she’d have explaining to do. And no clue what to talk about.
How would she explain something she didn’t understand on her own?
Thoughts raced through her head. And where had William flown?

Hi I’m Joshua, and I’m resurrecting Epic Poetry for modern nerds like you! Come join me at JoshuaDavidLing.com or just about anywhere on social media!

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