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Ziona Aisling/Zoe Wallace

Summary: Ziona Aisling is the last Protector of Earth from Otherworld. She is a fairy, and a very powerful one. She’s been protecting the world for many years and is now the purpose behind The New Protectors coming alongside her. Her goal is to stop The Precipitous Event and Heal the Worlds.

Birth Name: Ziona Aisling
Other Aliases: Zoe Wallace, The Lonely Protector, The Last Protector
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 110 Lbs
Ethnicity: Fairy/Fair Folk/Tuatha De Danann
Age During Year 0 of their personal timeline: 918

Remarkable Traits or Abilities: Incredible Mystic and Cosmic powers, but they are largely taken up by her healing of the Rift In Space and Time. One Orange eye, and one Green. Incredibly pale complexion.

Affiliations: The New Protectors, The Old Protectors, Otherworld, Earth.

Personal Timeline: Ziona was born in 1093 Earth time, and came with her family in 1111 when the Precipitous event occurred. She’s long-lost all of her family and is even slowly beginning to forget them. She hopes through her work, others may live and she may fade away with her people.

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