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CTW7 – More Than Can Be Imagined

Craic In The World 7
(More Than Can Be Imagined)

Patty Hallet sat with Jayshawn,
His jaw dropped open in shock.
Patty Hallet chugged down her beer.
And then wiped some foam from her smock.

Patty: “My brother changes back and forth,
Not knowing when it will happen.
But sure enough, he is the Werewolf,
Of this town, Ballyshannon.”

Jayshawn: “That’s insane. I’m not sure I believe it.
Even though I saw it myself.”

Patty leaned into the table’s low light.

Patty: “Cumina there’s an elf.”

She pointed to a short bartender,
Jayshawn looked puzzled-the-more.

Jayshawn: “What the heck are you saying, now?”

Patty: “To wake up and see what’s sure!
There are more creatures hereabouts,
In this world than anyone knows.
These secrets aren’t very well kept.
You just have to look past your nose!

There are giants, and fairies, and spirits and more.
But no one will just look out their front door.
People love to be ignorant of the wonder of this world.
They say Fairytales are hogwash, meant for boys and girls.
But I know the truth, and the truth is this.
The World is more wondrous than you thought could exist.”

Cumina the alleged elf,
Came over and refilled,
Patty’s mug of beer,
With a brew both frothy and chilled.
Cumina looked like a tiny woman,
Around the age of 22.
She wore a baggy knitted hat,
In patterns of red and blue.
Her hair and hat would have covered her ears,
If pointed they really were.
And Cumina didn’t look very pleased,
With the things Patty had conferred.

Cumina: “Couldn’t help but overhearing,
You’re telling this one my secret.
Tell me why I shouldn’t slit your throat,
Miss Pretty Patty Hallet?”

Jayshawn grabbed a steak knife and slid it into his sleeve.
Cumina put a hand on his wrist. And said to him-

Cumina: “Honey? Please.
If I wanted to kill either of you, I’d have done it by now.”

Patty: “Cumina comes from a warrior tribe.”

Cumina: “This conversation I’ll allow.
As long as you let me tell my own tale.
Patty has a way of lying.
Over-dramatizing the facts to fantasy,
For anyone who is inquiring.”

Patty went to protest, but Jayshawn gave her a look,
And Cumina sat down. Her time she took.

Cumina: “… I was part of the protector clan,
Out in Otherworld.
I protected the conduits who kept the link connected,
Between there and our little world.
I had it all, fortune and fame,
And a fiance that was mine.
‘Til one day I was framed for his murder.
I was stuck with the crime.

Unlike your world here, where things are black and white,
I was sentenced on a middle ground,
Where they said there was not enough light.
To see what could’ve been found.
So neither guilty nor innocent,
I was banished to Earth instead.
To live out the rest of my immortal days,
In nothing but sadness and dread.”

Patty put a hand on her shoulder,
And Jayshawn felt pangs too.
The story Cumina told brought Empathy,
For the little elf who was so blue.
She pulled the corner of her hat up,
To show Jayshawn it was true.
Her ear was long and pointed underneath.
This changed all that he knew.

Jayshawn: “So you were a protector too?”

Cumina: “Too he says, Patty, Dear?
I haven’t heard of a protector in these parts,
For over a hundred years!”

Patty: “He is one. He has the mark.”

Jayshawn looked confused.

Patty: “And I believe The Last Conduit is in Ballyshannon.
But he is less than enthused.”

Cumina: “Well we’ve got to show him his path then, don’t we!?”

Jayshawn: “You two are crazy! For reals!”

Jayshawn got up to leave the table.
Without even paying for his short meal.

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