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GOA2 – The Headband

Guardians Of Atlanta 2
(The Headband)

Five years later in Alpharetta,
The Joneses’ home and town,
At Canaan Baptist Church,
Sunday School had come in from the playground.
It was time for the parents to come and pick up,
All of their young kids.
Reed rolled into pickup Cyrus,
And was met with a hug and a kiss.
But then her spastic, little girl demeanor,
Turned sour in a flash.
Her chin jutted out in a frown,
And into a complaint, she did splash.

Cyrus: “Can you believe it, Daddy?”
Five-year-old Cyrus whined,
“They said our angel’s not in the Bible!
But I told them you saw him shine!”

Reed sighed and thought about how to explain
Why they couldn’t just go spreading that tale.
But anyway he thought to explain it,
Turned out to be a big fat fail.

Cyrus: “And Ezekiel’s even a book in the Bible!”

Reed: “Yes, but that one was a prophet.
And I told you The Angel didn’t tell me his name,
Cyrus, you should probably drop it.
Just because we call him that-
Because I have a feeling that that’s his name,
Doesn’t mean you should go telling everyone about it,
They’ll think it’s just a game.
Just because I know what I saw,
Doesn’t mean it makes sense.
And it doesn’t matter if other people believe it
You don’t have to be so intense.”

Cyrus’s tiny mind,
Was going a mile a minute.
She suddenly reached up and touched her hair,
And felt no headband in it.

Little Cyrus, full of fright,
Screamed and cried and moaned.

Cyrus: “Daddy, it’s my favorite headband.
We just can’t go home!”

Reed: “Cyrus, you’ve lost these things before,
they always turn up again!”

Just then a little head peeked ’round-
The Sunday school doorway’s bend.
The little boy hunched his back,
and his mom behind him said:

Connor’s Mom: ”I think Connor has something for you, Cyrus.
And he won’t ever take it again.”

The little boy inched his way
toward the prissy girl.
He held out the missing headband.
Cyrus took it and twirled.

Cyrus: “Yeehaw!” she exclaimed As
she spun around.
“But why’d you take it, Connor?
Tell me! Tell me now!”

Connor: “You were playing with all the kids-
And I just felt left out.
I was too scared to talk to you,
So I took your headband out.”

Cyrus: “All you had to do was ask-
If I would be your friend!”

Connor asked that very day,
And their friendship had no end.

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