Guardians of Atlanta 7
(Small-Town Romance)

As Phillip Keller’s corvette headed back to 400,
And the Joneses began dinner and sat there and wondered-
Why Phillip Keller wanted their land so badly,
A different sports car pulled up and Cyrus squealed gladly.
The black Trans-Am with so much love and work put inside it,
Ferried her favorite person in the world. Oh man, was she excited!

Cyrus: “I’m sorry Mom and Dad, I forgot,
Connor wanted to take me out!”

Emily: “No problem, sweetie. See you soon!”

Cyrus: “Thanks!” Cyrus said with a shout.
She ran out
Without a single doubt.

This is what love songs are really singin’ ’bout.
There’s never any hate, and never any doubt.
This is the person that you’re meant for. It’s not by chance.
It’s nothing but a small, small-town romance.

Years ago when Cyrus was young A boy came to her Sunday school class.
He stole her headband to get her attention.
He said “Sorry” and they became friends fast.
Love stories like this come only in small towns
Where people don’t leave each other, they stick around.
And even one day their parents knew they’d find
both of them married; they were that entwined.

This is what love songs really mean at the heart.
It begins the second you meet, right from the very start.
You’re best friends forever, even at first glance.
It’s nothing but a small, small-town romance.

So that night when Connor came in his Trans Am
He picked up Cyrus and drove somewhere grand.
He planned on taking her to Stone Mountain;
But a gas leak kept all of that from happenin’.
So instead he drove to a much smaller place,
A little neighborhood that survived by God’s grace.
A cul-de-sac on top of a large mound:
And you could see all of Atlanta from on top lookin’ down.
They had a picnic right there with fried chicken and sweet tea,
But then all of a sudden Connor said: ”Cyrus, will you marry me?”

Even down the road, when you’re talkin’ ’bout forever
You really can’t remember a time, you were never together.
So it’s really not hard, to maintain that stance.
It’s nothing but a small, smalltown romance.

Hi I’m Joshua, and I’m resurrecting Epic Poetry for modern nerds like you! Come join me at JoshuaDavidLing.com or just about anywhere on social media!

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