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GOA69 – Force-Fields And Faith

Guardians Of Atlanta 69
(Force-Fields and Faith)

​​As Warren James streaked down the street
With Amira on his back,
William jumped into the pathway
And geared up for an attack.
He stood with his sword Cromwell
In his hands to fight.

William: Let Amira go!”
He bellowed,
And was echoed by a lightning strike.
Warren slowly turned and placed Amira
On the sidewalk with care.

Warren: “There’s no reason to fight me William.
Aren’t you aware?
She can leave whenever she wants.
But she wants to come with me.
Your radical band of miscreants
Could never be her family.”

Just then an explosion of lightning
Rocked the ground where they stood.
But Warren James got a force-field up
The strike had been no good.
But Once the force field came down around him,
He saw an amazing sight.
5 copies of William standing there,
Ready for a fight.

They all lunged at Warren in an instant,
But Warren chose the right one.
He blocked the oncoming sword strike with a baton,
And then pulled out his gun.

Amira stretched up groggily to her feet.
And stared at the ongoing war.
She saw all that was happening but knew no context.
And had no clue what was in store.

Then suddenly Warren James
captured Bobby and Cyrus in fields.
Both force fields were completely opaque,
Forcing their abilities to yield.
William dropped his swords,
Knowing he was done.
But he looked over into Amira’s eyes
And pled for her help.

William: “I could use your help a ton.”

Amira looked down to her feet,
Not sure of what to do.

Warren James: “It’s over, Wiliam.
Both for you, and your vigilante friends too.”

William: “Amira, You need a home I know.
But this isn’t the way.
Please, just take a leap of faith.
Jump into the fray.”

The silence hung in the air
For several lingering seconds.
Then Amira Kadru did something brave.
That one day would make her a legend.

Drawing on the power of her captor,
She knocked his gun away.
She then used his own power against him,
And went to trap him the same way.
He dodged to the right and she knocked him over
With the force-field she controlled.
He scrambled and dodged for all he was worth
But soon Warren tripped and rolled.
Amira trapped him in a force field there,
And Bobby and Cyrus were freed.
She smiled at William who ran over to her,
And helped her off of her knees.

Cyrus picked up the gun,
And trained it on the Warren’s bubble.

Cyrus: “Go ahead, let him out, Mir.”

But when Amira did,
They discovered nothing but trouble.

Warren James did not even move
As the field was lifted.
Instead he looked pale and broken,
As smoke from him lifted.
Amira gasped and buried her face
In William’s strong arms.

Cyrus: “It wasn’t you, Amira.
You weren’t the one who did him harm.”

Cyrus pointed to a band on Warren’s arm
That read: “Keller Industries Inc.”

Cyrus: “Bobby, William, Looks like we all finally
Have ourselves a link.”

William: “And we wouldn’t have it at all,
Except for our little copy cat.”

William hugged Amira and smiled.

Bobby: “Good job, you little brat.”

Amira giggled and hugged William back
As the four stood together as one.
Still not knowing what they’d face ahead.
But knowing that they’d won.

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